offers standard and custom made antivibration elements for various applications:

Railroad & Light Rail Vehicles:

GMT has been specialising for more than 30 years in the development and manufacturing of moulded rubber and rubber-metal parts. A major part of our experience and expertise is dedicated to the rail vehicle sector.

GMT's antivibration systems are developed using complex linear and non-linear calculation methods. All of our production plants have modern production and testing facilities

Chevrons, laminated or multi-layer springs, bushes, spherical bearings and ball joints, rolling rubber springs, impact buffers and rubber blocks for resilient wheels for LRV.

Products and Assembly State

GMT is proof that an innovative approach to customer's tasks, together with creativity, flexibility and economic costing, are key factors required to become a leading company in the antivibration Industry.

As GMT are involved in many projects, including the development of parts for new high speed bogies or production of spare parts for private tram operators, we benefit from a constant exchange of information and expertise between all parties involved.


Our successful co-operation with both OEMs and operators is proof that they value our approach and the possibillity to reduce development times and costs.

Whether you require a new component for a large fleet or whether you are looking for spare parts for your local tram - contact us to discuss the matter and profit from our experience and our large range of products which includes but is not limited to the above mentioned parts.


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